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Item Description

Matsuo Miyuki x mizushima JIZAI Clear Stamp set / Cats[STJ-N-SN]

Price: ¥3,800
Weight: 55g

By replacing the stamp sheet on an acrylic block, you can stamp adorable cats motifs by our favorite illustrator, Matsuo Miyuki.
Since the acrylic block and the stamp sheets are transparent,
you can place stamp wherever you want very accurately.
Due to the properties of the material, you can stamp delicate lines very clearly.

The set contains:
-2 stamp sheets
-1 Acrylic block

-Care & Cleaning- 

· Rubber parts return to be adhesive by washing them. 
· If you do not use soon, wipe the stamp when you finish using.
· By placing the attached UV cut film on the stamp, you can reduce discoloration due to ultraviolet rays.

-Please note-
· When using, we recommend that you use rubber gloves.
· Please keep away from direct sunlight and high temperature.
· Please be careful not to cut rubber parts when removing from the sheet.
· It may degenerate if solvent ink or cleaner is attached for a long time.


Item Description
size:Stamp surface: 2.5~27×2~16mm / Acrylic block: 50×75mm / Box:65×105×H25mm
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