Mizushima & Saito : Unique Stationery and Zakka from Tokyo Japan!
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We are a little stationery company based on west side of Tokyo, Japan. 

Producing unique items which enrich your everyday life in our two different brands:

Mizushima and Saito.


Our brand:

Mizushima was founded in 2006 by the dot-lover designer and the shop owner who adores stripes.
Finding inspiration in nice materials they found in foreign countries and in Japanese craftmanship they admire, they produce cool, unique, and sometimes funny stationeries.



Saito is established by a stationery shop owner from Kansai and a product designer from Kanto region.
They produce nice products designed with the motif of funny and unique characters.
The 1st series "Ohagiyama" has a lot of fans now.


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